Continuing Education/Elective Courses


Two Day Courses

  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) - 12 hours - $155 

This SUD evidence-based practice is a form of CBT whose goals are to get people to commit to a meaningful life and learn skills to accept that suffering is part of that life. ACT has broad applications addressing many forms of distress people may experience. This is a highly experiential course taught by Christeine Terry, Ph.D. from Seattle, who is very active in the ACT treatment and research community!            

  • Client/Counselor Boundary Issues: Resolving Transference and Counter Transference Problems - 12 hours - $155

This course will enhance skills in recognizing and resolving transference and countertransference with addiction treatment clients, enhance awareness of counselor vulnerability for boundary problems, and will assist in developing a plan to avoid boundary violations. Taught by Nikki Johnson, MA, CADC III. 

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) - 12 hours - $140

Although CBT forms the basis of much treatment, many clinicians have no training, or don't even know that they are using CBT! This course will explore the history of CBT, the cognitive model of substance abuse, adapting CBT for the addicted population, with emphasis on relapse prevention and craving. Participants will have active learning experiences. Daystar is delighted to have this course presented by Lisa Bevans, NCC, LPC, CADC I, a recent transplant from the South. She is an experienced teacher, thorough and energetic!         

  • Co-Occurring Disorders - 12 hours - $140

Co-Occurring Disorders; NEW and IMPOROVED: This course will review the principles of Co-occurring Disorders (COD), brain functions and reward pathway and changes that occur with MH/AOD.  There will be a focus on assessment and screening, primary symptomatology associated with Mental Health Disorders, and evidenced based practices and usual treatments for COD’s, including pharmacotherapy. Attendees will be given several scales they can use in their work. Among them: MHSF III (Mental Health Screening Form), PCL (PTSD Checklist), SIAS (Social Interaction Anxiety Scale), SSI-AOD (Simple Screening Instrument for Alcohol and other Drugs).  They will also be provided with information on how to use and score the scales. Taught by Kimberly Crow, MA, CADC I.     

  • DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) -12 hours - $155

This course emphasizes developing an understanding of DBT and the foundation for developing the skill set necessary to use DBT effectively with a wide variety of clients. DBT helps empower clients to improve emotional containment and develop skills to improve functioning. Participants will gain experience by practicing specific DBT techniques. Taught by Cathy Moonshine, Ph.D., CADC III.      

  • Families and Addiction - 12 hours - $140 

This course is designed to provide an overview of the theories, addictive processes, roles and relational problems that are evident in the treatment of families with addiction and will provide a foundation for further one day trainings that will explore more specific topics on Families and Addiction. Taught by Kelly Washam, MA, CADC II.     

  • Motivational Interviewing: Theory and Practice - 12 hours - $155

This course will ground participants in the theory and skill for this evidence based practice. Participants will practice the skills and strategies of MI. Taught by MI author Kathyleen Tomlin, Ph.D, CADC III, LPC, LMCH.         

  • Theories of Addiction Treatment and Counseling (pre-test brush-up) - 12 hours - $140

This course covers 54 theories of research-based principles of effective drug treatment along with traditional counseling theory. This course is designed as a refresher for the National Certification Examinations. Taught by Eric Martin, M.A.C., CADC III, CPS.