Core Courses

(ALL COURSES RUN 9AM-4:30PM, EXCEPT FOR the Peer Mentor Training, Which Runs 8AM-5PM)

One Day Courses

  • Infectious Disease: Risk Assessment Risk Reduction - 6 hours - $100

A one-day course that meets prerequisite requirements for CADC certification. Covers: HIV, Hep-C update and counselor issues in RA:RR interviewing. RA:RR tool and skill training. Taught by Johnson, MA, CADC III and Michael Razavi, MPH, CPS, CADC I, CRM certified HIV Trainers.

Two Day Courses

  • ASAM and Client Records Management - 12 hours - $225 (Book Incl.)

ASAM Made Easy has been morphed into a two-day course. The most common finding State auditors have with client records is treatment plans. Adding this to ASAM should be a great help to people struggling with paperwork. Taught by Kathy Tomlin, Ph.D., CADC III, LPC, LMCH and Kimberly Crow, MA, CADC I.

  • Professional Ethics for Substance Abuse Counselors - 12 hours - $140

This two-day course meets the prerequisite requirements for  CADC certification. This course explores Professional Role, values, especially values based on cultural differences, Dual Relationships, NAACAC Ethical Principles, Confidentiality, Ethical Decision-making, Malpractice, etc. Taught by Nikki Johnson, MA, CADC III.

Three Day Courses

  • Addiction Pharmacology - 18 hours - $255 (Book Incl.)

A three-day course that meets prerequisite requirements for CADC & CPS certification. This course includes: the basics of human physiology, rules of pharmacology and the drugs of abuse categories. Excellent course for pre-test brush-up. Taught in a lively fashion by expert trainers, Johnson, MA, CADC III and Eric Martin, M.A.C., CADC III, CPS.

Basic Counseling Skills -18 hours - $190

This three-day course meets the requirements for CADC certification. Through lecture, demonstration and practice, participants will experience each element of the counseling interaction. Participants will be videotaped and are expected to discuss their own personal material when in the client role. Redesigned to include more practice and personalized feedback. Taught by Sarah Wheeler, CADC II.

  • Group Counseling Skills -18 hours - $190

This three-day interactive course meets the prerequisite requirements for CADC certification. This course will give participants an understanding of basic group dynamics, leadership styles, stages of development, and how to use facilitation skills. Through the use of experiential exercises, lectures and written materials, this training will assist in gaining and practicing effective techniques, including science-based best practices, such as 'Stages of Change. Taught by Nikki Johnson, MA, CADC III.

  • Peer Recovery Mentor Training- 40 Hour Hybrid training- $395

A true hybrid class! Live segment includes Communication and Motivational skills, Group facilitation, Crisis intervention, Assertive outreach, Culture, Trauma, and Ethics and Boundaries. This course is OHA/AMH approved. Training includes 24 live class hours and 16 online hours. Team taught by Nikki Johnson, MA, CADC III , Eric Martin, M.A.C., CADC III, CPS, Sarah Wheeler, CADC II, Michael Razavi, MPH, CPS, CADC I, CRM, and Debra Buffalo BoyBigelow, CADC II.